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Should I Buy New or Refurbished Wheels or Have My Wheels Repaired?

Buy a new alloy wheel, refurbished or have them repaired? It simply comes down to price, most of the time. Buying a new alloy wheel is quite often the most expensive option of all three choices. Dealership MSRP prices can be $300 and up for a less expensive car and upwards of $800 for some BMW's, Mercedes and Jaguars. Some refurbished (previously damaged and fixed) can cost usually around half of the MSRP and that's if you can find them. Most times bringing a wheel into an alloy wheel repair facility will save you time and money.

We recently had an client have his 2013 Mercedes AMG alloy wheel repaired due to being bent from hitting a pothole. We weren't the first call he made...His first thought was to call the dealership and he did. He scheduled an appointment, brought the car into the dealership and they told him he needed to buy a new wheel since his current one was not repairable. Guess what, that wheels MSRP was $1400...CRAZY. He called us, sent us a picture and we had him bring the car to repair the alloy wheel. This client only had a bend on the inside barrel of the wheel which is a quick and easy fix. We were able to get him in and out within 2 hours and it only cost $190 compared to buying a new wheel at almost $1400. A savings of aproximately $1200. We can find a few things to buy if we saved $1200, I'm sure most of you can as well.

Alloy wheel repair, in particular fixing bent wheels, requires the right machinery and a lot of skill. Almost every alloy wheel is repairable but it shouldn't be attempted by a novice. We use high heat, hydraulic pressure and a patened machine that tell us the radial run out (how round the wheel is). It needs to be done right. Bring it to the Pro's. Bring it to The Wheel Rim Group. 831 Route 10 East Whippany NJ 07981.

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