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The Wheel Rim Group is one of the tri-state area's premier alloy wheel repair facilities. We specialize in using state of the art alloy wheel repair techniques and machinery to restore your damaged wheels to like new condition. 


How do we repair your damaged alloy wheels?


1) Clean


The alloy wheel is cleaned to remove all dirt and contaminants


2) Inspect


The damaged alloy wheel is inspected for any damage that may not be deemed repairable by one of our technicians.


3) Strip, Repair and Prime


Surface is stripped of previous paint. Depending on the damaged alloy wheel, we may need to TIG weld deep gouges and then sand or machine the surface flat. The alloy wheel is then powder primed and baked at a specific temperature for a specific time.


4) Paint


We either match the color with an identical powder coat or we paint the surface with high quality automotive paints to match the color. If your wheel is machined we then put it on our CNC lathe and cut the face of the wheel.


6) Clear coat


The wheel is heated and a powder clearcoat then applied and baked once again.




Don’t have the time to wait for your alloy wheel to be repaired? Check out our core exchange program.


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