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How do we repair your bent alloy wheel?


1) Mount and Inspect


We mount the bent alloy wheel to a universal hub that spins centrally on a shaft just like the wheel does when mounted on your vehicle. Visual inspection of the damaged alloy wheel is done to make sure your wheel is not structurally damaged to the face and make sure the wheel is not laterally bent.


2) Measure radial run out, mark highs and lows


We spin the bent alloy wheel with a radial run-out gauge and mark the high and low spots on the alloy wheel.


3) Apply heat


The bent alloy wheel is then heated evenly in the damaged area. Even heating is key. Too little heat and you risk cracking the alloy wheel and over heating can melt or weaken the aluminum.


4) Apply hydraulic pressure


Once heated properly we use hydraulic pressure and propritary forming tools to slowly “massage” the bends out of the alloy wheel. It is typical to switch attachments and reheat the wheel a few times through the process. The end goal is to bring the bent alloy wheel back to balancable round specifications or better so the tire can be mounted and balanced correctly.




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